Happy insurance, make sure you are up to date, correct, covered and insured!

  1. Household insurance ~ for all the items you have in your house, the items you buy & bring in to your home
  2. Special Item insurance ~ specific items you list in your household insurance (camera, cell phones, pieces of jewellery, handbags)
  3. Car insurance ~ your car, & everything to cover it, hail, accidents, other people’s accidents
  4. Building insurance ~ if you own a home & have a bond, everything structural, that stays if you behind if you move
  5. Medical insurance ~ for when you get sick, or need to go hospital
  6. Life insurance ~ yip, your life! But, it is necessary if you own property or have any kind of debt you need to cover your life so it will pay out & cover all your debt & bills
  7. A Will ~ is super important, just get one!
  • Make sure the details on the policy document prepared for you are correct – a small mistake can mean they will not pay you out
  • Check everything, go through it with a fine-tooth comb, & make the changes you want done on the policy document, scan it in & send it back to them to fix for you
  • And then, VERY IMPORTANT, make sure the changes you requested have in fact been fixed!
  • Details to check:
    1. Your address details – physical & postal
    2. How you house is secured – what security you have and do not have
    3. Little details – spelling of names, ID numbers, and all that type of details
  • And if anything changes in your life after you have updated to be correct, like you move, update your insurance policy again
  • Value the items, or total household contents, correctly – check the values you have set – this is what you are insured for, & if something had to happen, you would get paid out the value you have set … so if you under value, you will not be able to replace that item with the exact item that you had!
  • Have all the details relevant and specific to the special items you list (jewellery, a camera)
  • Take pictures of each item that you have insured, plus the invoice, and even the warranty / guarantee – save in a file directory
  • Keep all those bulky and big guarantees in one file, all together

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