Happy birthday to my brother :)

Over the last year I have come to realise, more than ever before, just how important my brother is to me.
And as today is his birthday I thought I would like to write him an open letter to pay tribute to him … because he most certainly deserves it.
My brother and I are 5 years apart, which is actually quite a lot when you think about it. The only time we were ever at school together was when he was in grade 1 & 2, and I was in grade 6 & 7 (then called it standard 4 & 5 back in my day). And even though I only had 2 years at the same school with him, over all the years at school, I still managed to make him my house team mascot and dress him up … but yes, only 2 years out of 12.
We were so very close. We did so much together out of school, as a brother and sister, and because I was 5 years older than him, my mom had instructed me, from pretty much the day he could walk to “look after your brother”, daily! And I did just that, and I loved it.
We would hide from our parents, we would hide from the monsters, we would have sleep-overs in each others rooms, I was part of his BMX gang when I wanted to be, he would let me dress him up with a full face of make-up and specially designed hairdos, we learnt to boogie board together in Somerset West sea’s … we were pretty much inseparable.  And I must say (and I know I have pointed this out to other people before) we never fought, ever.
I was the big sister, and I was theprotector.
Then my father passed away, and all of a sudden MY protector had gone.
Last year he had to come and have a very difficult discussion with me, about something that no one ever wants to have to talk about in a family, but he had to do it. And after it was done, and we had hugged and he had left, I remember sitting at my desk thinking about how he had handled it … he had been so grown up, so mature, so responsible, so right, and so like my dad.
And that is when I realised he was now my protector… and he is such a good one.
Somehow, along the way, one day, without asking, I just made Gordon my protector, it had just happened, I put him into that role in my head, and my heart … and for me, that was it. I couldn’t bear the thought of not having one, so I had subconsciously decided that he was it.  We never spoke about it, it just was what it was.
And the roles had officially reversed. It was like my father had said to him “look after your sister” … because he just did.
Happy birthday Gordon, I love you so much, and I am so very proud to be able to call you MY brother!
Remember, I will always be your protector too, until the end of time, infinity X infinity!

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