My best movies of all time …

I just love weekends when I am at home and spend time with my little family of dogs and my husband.
Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy spending time with my friends and shopping and choring … but this is a different love.
This weekend I got to spend the weekend catching up on all the things I haven’t been able to watch because of all the travelling I have been doing, and it made me think about my favourite movies of all time … the ones I love … and because it is the week of LOVE it just felt right to share …
So … here we go … my favourite movies of all time, and ones that I watch over and over again, are:
Aubrey Hepburn is my best! She is just amazing in general, but in this movie she is crazy and fun and just gets on with life, her way, and only her way.  But at the same time she is special and loving in this movie.  I just love how free she is, and her kitty is just too damn sweet.
I love this story.
Oh my word, who doesn’t have this movie on their list of best movies of all time, if you female! For me, and I think anyone born in my time, would say it is possibly one of the best chick flicks ever!
Julia Roberts is also one of my favourites, she is just so cool in this movie, and even though she is a hooker, almost every girl I have ever spoken to has wished she was her in that movie! She made Rodeo Drive shopping more famous than it was. And who can forget the phrase: “big mistake, big, huge” – I love using it.
One of the most divine stories ever … all the different love stories on all sides of the movie and the world are my best.
Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz are two of my favourite actresses, and this movie is just the best because all the way through this movie you just route for them to find love, and with such great guys!!!!  I love watching it.
This is just such a beautiful story, just a real life woman going through her situation the best way she knows how, and love has to come in to that right? And incredible actors, Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. Meryl Streep is one lady I would love to have dinner , just once.
You just don’t get such good movie stories like you used too, like this one. Great movie!
Apart from the fact that Ryan Gosling is in this movie, it is just a great great chick flick!  I enjoyed it so much, because it was set so long ago (and I just love old movies like that), and yet such a real life story even today!
And of course the link to the nowadays in the movie and then back to the past just heightens the crying factor so perfectly.  Definitely need tissues for this one, but so worth it!
Sandra Bullock was the envy of all girls when they watched this, and the idea of a girl gang became a must have for us all as soon as you had watched this movie.  Along with being a really beautiful story, there are some serious life lessons in it for us all … anyone who watched this movie could relate to something in it. Special, special movie.
Most people would probably add Dirty Dancing to their list, and “no one puts baby in the corner” … but for me, I fell in love with Kevin Bacon in Foot Loose when I watched it (which was the first movie I ever saw at school, in the dark hall, one Friday afternoon) … was so awesome, I was 10 years old … The dancing, the school, the freedom, the fight for freedom.  I just loved it! And still do!
I think I am going to watch all these movies again …

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