My kitchen essentials, that make my kitchen the heart of my home

To me any kitchen is the heart of a home, and I just love my kitchen.

Below is a list of some things I term my essentials, I hope they help you create the best kitchen, and heart of your home :

  1. Herb garden
  2. Dog food boxes
  3. Plants for life
  4. Shopping lists
  5. To do lists
  6. Utility drawers
  7. Root vegetable drawers
  8. Lemons
  9. Coffee machine
  10. Milk frother
  11. Cleaning caddy
  12. Cook book stand
  13. Pantry cupboard
  14. Spice rack
  15. Plastic bag holder
  16. Hidden dustbin
  17. Apron
  18. Pester & mortar
  19. Knife stand
  20. Watering can
  21. Candles
  22. Tins
  23. Lots of tupperware


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