We should all take some time to invest in ourselves, it is worth it, over & over again x

I know I say this to many people, all the time, and even over and over again sometimes, but it is true … we have to invest in ourselves, because if we don’t, let me tell you what will happen to you:
~ you will never grow
~ you will never really be you
~ and, you will never be happy, not really happy
And no one else can do this for you, because they should be investing in themselves … and actually, no one will ever take you as seriously as you would, for obvious reasons.
When you invest in yourself you are sending a message to the world, that you are good enough, and you are worth it.
And, as I have also said before, if you don’t look after yourself, no one will … no one.
It is an expression of some serious self love, which is also a great message you send to yourself, and for me this is probably the most important message of them all:
To tell ourselves, our soul, that we actually really love ourselves, and what we are, what we stand for, how we conduct our lives, and how we show up …
And I know that when I see someone somewhere, in a meeting, in a shop, at a restaurant, wherever, and I see their confidence … I really admire that, and I wish I was more like that – not what they are, but that they are confident!
So I thought I would share a few ways that you can invest in yourself, to a) show you how easy it is to do, and that it in fact does not take tons of time out of your already busy life, and then b) to hopefully show you how cool it is, that you wouldn’t want to not do this for yourself,
Have dreams, that lead to you setting goals for yourself
Don’t think dreams are just dreams, meant to live in the clouds forever … we wouldn’t have a car to drive, stiletto’s to wear, an iPhone to connect us to everything, and a plane to make seeing the world easy … if certain people in  this world hadn’t had their dreams. Own your dreams, and make some of them happen … because that will make you happy, seeing a dream of yours come alive.
Take time to inspire yourself
It doesn’t have to be hours and hours of time, it can be 10 minutes a day.  Find that one thing that makes you excited … whether that is on your couch in absolutely silence, immersed in a book, on YouTube, or finding a new recipe to cook tonight, and make it your “sacred” time, just for you … because, and trust me, you will be able to do, see, want and achieve so much more if you inspire yourself. It will all just come to you because you opening your mind up, and allowing you time to think.
Sign up to learn something new
This really can be anything, even small. Think of something you want to know, like photography, or cooking, or a new way to hang pictures. Learning something doesn’t even have to cost you any money, you can learn so much online, or spend some money and go on a course. Opening your mind up to new things is a great way to be inspired … that is a real and serious investment in yourself.
Read (or listen) to a book
This is my new favourite thing to do. Listen to books. I have signed up to Audible, a free APP, that is powered by Amazon, and you download all the books you want to read (listen to) and get listening. I listen in the car, at gym, while I am cooking, when I am waiting anywhere … it is my new best thing. I am being so inspired because I finally have the time to get stuck in to books I have wanted to for so long, but never seem to have the time. Nothing more inspiring than this to me at the moment ~ opening my mind up to new thoughts, ideas, and content.
Keep healthy in general
Being healthy in general is so important, especially the older we get … we have to make sure we keep ourselves as healthy as possible to make sure we last as long as possible (wink wink). And this is (as it says, in general) about eating well, doing some exercise, resting, laughing, spending time with loved ones and getting enough sleep … all aspects of investing in you.
Trust your gut
Trusting your gut is something we all doubt, pretty much all the time. We have that feeling, deep down in our belly that says ‘this isn’t right’ or ‘I shouldn’t do this’ or ‘I should go back and check’ and then we start to question ourselves … even the most simple things come up and we don’t trust our gut. I had cancelled a coffee with someone the day before we were meant to meet and that morning I woke up thinking ‘I better just message them to make sure they know we not meeting’ … I didn’t … and I should’ve, because they still thought it was on. Simple as that, when you gut tells you something, listen!
Be grateful
If you have been following my YouTube channel, you will have seen a video I did on my gratitude journal. Every morning I fill in 3 things I am grateful for. I love doing it, because it immediately sets me off in a happy state, it makes me smile. Being grateful reminds us all about what we have … and for me, it drives me to invest in myself a little more, because I want to share that with others.
Get a coach
And lastly, if you need someone to direct you through your challenges, and barriers you face (and let me interject here to remind you, we all have challenges, they called our insecurities, and they are real for everyone) ~ so if you facing them, and you need someone to help you work through them, get yourself a personal coach for a while … we help you unpack a challenge, and work with it, to work through it, getting you to where you want to go. At the moment I have 3 coaches, and I love each of them for what they bring to the table – but they help me to invest in me, and only me, because they only focusing on me, and nothing else that comes up in a day, which is more often than not what happens, which stops us having time for us.
I consider myself very lucky! Thank you Irit, Alison, and Kerry.

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