Are you putting off doing a few things on your to do list, like me …

Do you have a To Do List that just never goes anywhere …
I have one, yes, true story!
It is on the fridge, and it has house things I have to get Andy to tackle, and I never get to it (which I am sure he is happy about).
Do you have list like this … ?
I thought I would jot down a few things that people often “put off doing” and maybe it will give you AND me some motivation to get going this weekend coming, and do at least one of the things on our To Do list that is just a piece of paper with words on at the moment …
Empty your inbox
Go through your inbox and delete the emails you don’t need.
First thing to do is view with the reading panel on – next to or under the inbox, so you can easily and quickly see what that email has in it.
Then filter all your emails to view by topic, description, thread (whatever it is called to you) – that way you can see all the ‘thanks’, ‘noted’, ‘great’ responses that can be deleted straight away. Then check where the thread has attachments, you might need those, but maybe you can save the attachment and lose the email. But you really only need to keep the latest email with the full thread below it.
Also delete all the emails that are general news, like the sandwich man is here, staff meeting in 10 minutes, etc.
Then look at all the subscription emails you get, one’s you never open, or open and close immediately … open one of eachs ubscription, and unsubscribe.
Do the same to your sent items.
And then delete what is in your deleted items 😃
Fix all the light bulbs
Walk around the house and replace all the light bulbs are that are not working.
You might need to start with a walk around and take one out of each that is not working, pop to the shops and buy a whole bunch of what you need, and what I do is buy more than I need, that way next time, I don’t need to go to the shops before I do this.
But definitely check what you need, because if you don’t, and you start this job, and don’t have the right ones you will just end up very irritated and leaving it another 10 months, and you will be in even more darkness.
Do a quick throw out of unwanted stuff
While you walking around and checking light bulbs, gather up all the bits and bobs that need to be chucked. Like things that no longer work, things you want to get rid of, things you want to give to someone, and things you want to sell.
Put them outside each room’s door as you walking around, at the end gather up all the items for others into bags, and stick them in your car so that when you see them you hand them over.
Items to chuck out before they are done, finsihed, broken, old – take out to the dustbins for the next collection.
And if you want to sell, take a pic, decide on a price, and stick them onto an online space to sell – you can make some money on this little weekend exercise!
And while you out buying those light bulbs, buy some flowers to put around the house when you done. The cleaner, brighter space will look even better with some flowers to prettify the house!

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