Do you want to become the best expression of you that you can be?

The question is actually a very simple one, and the answer is (and always should be) yes.
But somehow when we start to unpack what we need to do in order to be the best possible version of ourselves, and we realise what it will take to do it … we make an excuse, and then another one … without even realising it.  And before we know it, we on to a chore we have to do.
Being the best version of yourself starts with self actualization, and it is a process, it is not an instant fix I am afraid … but if you dedicate some time to it, and invest in yourself, you will be a happier person for it.
The theory of self actualization was set out by a man names Abraham Maslow (a psychologist), and he believed that people who had achieved it were:
  • Completely self-accepting
  • Not afraid to take risks and step into the unknown
  • Grateful and able to fully enjoy each moment
  • Motivated by growth and development
  • Capable of deep, meaningful relationships
So I ask you again … do you want to be the best expression of you that you can be … ?  Who doesn’t right?
I started out on this journey a while ago, and it has, and is hard work. It takes time and you constantly have to remind yourself of what you are wanting to achieve. But it is very similar to teaching someone a new habit, you have to keep trying, and keep doing it, and once you have done it enough times, it does become a habit.
And then … tadah … it finally becomes part of who you are.
I read an article the other day where they said that there are a few self defeating habits that we do that erode all the work we do to become self aware … and if we keep these habits up, we won’t be able to move in to the best version of yourself that we want to express, and those are:
* Putting others above yourself
* Being scared of what others will think of us, so we ‘censor’ what we say or do in front of others
* Giving in to the pressure of it all to fit in
Does that sound familiar … it does to me.
After having read those 3 points, I realised that there were so many years (not so long ago) that I used to live my life in a self defeating state.
I was constantly putting others first, thinking about what I say and do to make sure it didn’t make anyone think “wrong” of me, and giving in to the pressure that then I more often than not just kept quiet to fit in.
I thankfully had someone who showed me “the light” … and I started the work to change, and as I said earlier on, it is hard work, and a process … and there are days I slip back in to that … but on the whole I am on the up, and getting my new habits set in place and … I LOVE IT!
I am so happy that I started the work, and I know it is absolutely the best for me, and I am putting the BEST VERSION OF MYSELF forward each and every day!

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