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What are good shopping tips for us all … ones that help us stick to the shopping list and budget, but also can help us get the best deals or not buy on impulse – here are my tips for you:
  1. Let’s start with impulse buying – wow I am really bad at this, but I once came across this tip, and I have been using it for about a year now … what used to happen was I would hear of something, watch a YouTube video and they show a product, or decide I needed something – I would go online, find what I wanted, and buy! Done. No thought other than … I need it! Now what I do is I find it online, and I bookmark the page in a folder called ‘My Want List’ and I leave it there for at least 2 weeks … when I come back, and I still REALLY want it, then I get it. In the 2 weeks I leave it there if it is still popping in to my mind all the time, I research other options, and other products, so I make sure I have found the best option, at the best price … sometimes I never go back, and when I bookmark another one I notice one I added ages ago … and I delete it, money saved!
  2. Pay attention to sales happening – now I must be honest I am NOT a person to go to a sale and sift through sale racks, I absolutely hate that, but nowadays online sales a huge! And it is important to watch for this. You will see sales pop up in your social media feeds (if you are following them), so when there is a 3 for the price of 2 at say Body Shop, I go and buy items I always get for the house then, and save. And when the really big sales are on, I often will buy a few of the items i always get – like a certain cosmetic, instead of getting one I get two or three, because they on huge discounts, and I know I use them up quick enough that they don’t go off.
  3. Compare price tags – this is something i have recently started doing, because things have just been getting so very expensive … I never used to be someone who could tell you what something cost, like a 2 litre of Sprite Zero, no idea … now I know, and I see whats what in the paces I shop … if I see Pick n Pay have a special on I get more knowing it is a good deal, it may cost me a little more now because I am buying more, but in the long run, I spend less. So try keep some ‘budget’ aside for this type of shopping each month.
  4. Work out the best time for you to do your shopping – so for me I often do a weekly shop on a Friday evening on my way home from work. I am going home, so can get all type of food, and I want to get home, so I don’t dawdle and buy more than I should. I always have list, so I use it to get what I need and get out so I can get home. It is also slightly quieter on that day at that time funnily enough.  If I cannot go on a Friday, I like to go on a Saturday afternoon, late … the shops are empty then, and I have eaten lunch, so I am not hungry, and the stores often use that quiet time to restock for the rest of weekend, so I get everything. And I can take my time. So all depends on me, but those are my times that work for me.
  5. Buy the house brand when it makes more sense – like long life milk, and paper towels … if they slightly cheaper they are definitely the way to go.
  6. When you buy something online, always check the delivery costs – some places allow you to collect, like Exclusive Books, which is great because they at my mall, and i can get it real easy, and not pay for a delivery. Also, if it is not something super urgent, don’t opt for the emergency delivery cost option, that is just a waste. And if they say spend this much and get free delivery, and your shopping cart is R10 short, see if they have something else you usually always buy, but not online, and get it … you have to get anyway, and that way you don’t have to pay for delivery.
  7. I am a big “subscriber” to the loyalty programs when they work for me … so Pick n Pay have an app, and I get discounts every month loaded on my Smart Shopper card that I use, and I save for sure. Also Woolworths, I get savings from being on Discovery. Body Shop is a winner, and so is Dischem, Garden Shop and Fanatics … I use those all the time. The bank up points that give me real cash refunds off a purchase. And I make sure I swipe my My School My Village My Planet whenever I can so all the animal NGO’s get money from my spending habits!

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