Our beautiful shoes need TLC too … xoxo

For those of you who know me, you will know I am a shoe addict. I have so many pairs of shoes, and at one point I knew how many I had … but now I don’t and I don’t plan on counting either, because it might scare you, and me! But let’s just say it is below 100 pairs, just!
Caring for your shoes is super important.
We trudge around, stomping our feet in them all day, everyday … then need serious TLC, and often, so here is what I do to care for my beauties:
  1. I clean the insides of my shoes – I have spoken about this before, our feet are in them all the time, and if you tell me you never get any grimm in there, you lying! So they need to be cleaned, and if you do it everyday after you take them off, it will not build up, which is so much harder to get off your shoes, and it actually makes them smell. So to clean them you need an old cloth, and warm water – this will take most of it off … but if you battling, use an old toothbrush, and a little bit of soap, sunlight liquid. But if you have used soap, make sure you wipe it all clean (like you rinsing it, but not) so the soap doesn’t ruin your shoes after it dries.
  2. Alway swipe down the outside of your shoes – with a dry cloth, just to get any marks that may have jumped on then during your day of running around. NEVER a wet cloth, especially if your shoes are a fabric or a suede …
  3. Make sure the heels are all in tact – a damaged heel is not only irritating to wear because it is lopsided, it is irritating to hear someone walking like that, but most importantly it is damaging your shoe, and then you will never get it back to normal. As you see something happening, get it fixed!
  4. Along with that is your soles, the outside … I recently had a pair of Louboutins done, they add a rubber sole to the shoe – very beautifully actually, which just adds protection to it – I am going to do all my Louboutins, because they cost money, and I don’t want them ruined because of a sole!
  5. Suede shoes need to be sealed and protected – even if you live in SA, the rain will ruin them. A good spray lasts a few months, and is really a no brainer!
  6. Beautiful cupboard / drawer smellies are so good to keep everything fresh, and lovely! I use little cushions that I put sandalwood oil in to every few months, but you also get lovely pouches from lots of places, I recently got a stunning one from Handmade by Bev.
  7. Sandalwood blocks are brilliant and I keep one in each shoe – it keeps them fresh and smelling good. All you need to do in sand them every so often to bring out the scent, or add sandalwood oil to them too.
  8. If you get a stain on a shoe, they are lots of remedies online, but my suggestion is simply to go to a dry cleaner and get it professionally cleaned … you don’t want to screw it up when you could’ve had it fixed professionally and still be able to wear them.

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