Do you dream of taking the lead at work, but not sure how?

Do you sit at your desk during the day, or in a meeting thinking:

“If it was me I would do it like this this”

“I wish I could just take this project and own it, and show them what I am capable of”

“If only they would ask my opinion, ask me to manage this project, then I could show them exactly what I can do”

It is your choice to take a chance to make things change for YOU
I came across this quote a while ago now, and I refer back to it again and again.  It is about how you choose to approach your life and the outcomes you wish to for yourself … they call it The 3 Cs in Life.
YOU must make the CHOICE.
It is all yours, no one else can make this choice for you, only you. As I have said a million times before, if you really want something, you will make time for it, and not make excuses for it.  If it is all that you thinking about, if it is something that completely consumes you, and you want it so so bad ~ make the choice to go and get it.
To take the CHANCE.
Yes, it is a risk, but what isn’t in life these days, what do you really have to lose?  That well known saying the goes along the lines of ‘would you prefer to regret all the things that you didn’t do in life or would you rather regret that one thing that you tried, that might not have worked but you got to a better place, or it worked out something even more important for you … all because you took a chance and went for it.
If you want anything to CHANGE.
And this is the real crux of it all … and again it all has to do with you. If you want things to change you have to do it, it won’t just happen, you have to put some effort in, and thinking about it is the start of good effort, because the universe will hear what it is you wanting, but from there you have to work.
If you want something to change you have to step up and do something, for you.
Many years ago my boss at the time recognised my drive and ambition in me, and back then I was even more judgemental of myself and scared to stand up and put myself out there than I am today. He saw the spark in me (thankfully) and he would push me to do more than I thought I was capable of. If I am honest I think I was probably more scared to say no to him because of what that would have said about me, than to try. But let me tell you, when I had to start something he had asked for I would spend a long time playing out all that could could wrong, sometimes days! But the fear of failing was so strong that I would eventually start, and get on with it … and I always got to a good place in the end, with lots of his check-ins along the way (he never left me to just hang, never!). One day they asked me to join the Board of Directors ~ I was young, and very green behind the ears … I remember that day like it was yesterday – I was terrified, but again, I couldn’t say no… so I went for it and (luckily) it made me who I am today.
I once asked him why he had ‘gone in to bat for me’ (he was a big big cricket supporter, player, the works … and sports analogies were good with him :)) … and he said to me that I always asked for it, to work on this, can I help here, can I do that.
I never realised I was like that, but when I thought back on it all and I used to do exactly that … I always put my hand up. And it served me well.
So as terrified as I was to fail, or do the wrong the thing, to say something wrong … I was up to try, and I guess that is what you need to decide…
Will you make the choice and take a chance to make a change for you?
How do you make a change & stand out at work?
Here are some thought starters for you, but before you read them, stop for a moment … take a deep breath, because all of these things will mean you need to be brave, you need to put yourself first, and you have to decide what is most important to you …
  • Do you want to stand out as the next leader at work?
  • Do you want to be noticed for who you are?
If you said yes … then read on 🙂
  1. Always be present ~ you cannot hear the opportunities for you out there when you live on your phone scrolling your social media feeds
  2. Ask to attend meetings or brainstorms that you think you can make a difference at ~ could be for the team event that month, or a new process they want to implement (just make sure this does not affect your current workload in anyway)
  3. Offer ideas that will show you are thinking ahead and that you want you and your team to be inspired ~ set up that Friday inspiration session where everyone in the team gets a Friday and they have to share something that inspires them at work, a blog they read for tips, or a new competitor in the market
  4. Put your hand up to handle something for the team ~ the leave schedule for summer holidays, or the Friday morning inspiration session schedule
  5. And then lastly, wherever possible, just say YES, I will do it … 
Make sure you are seen, and heard to be making a difference to your team and the working environment – always!
If you found this valuable and maybe a friend of yours should read this too … please share with her,  or share on to your social media feeds now …
I hope you have a week full of choices, and chances, and change …

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