Are you extraordinary, or are you okay with just being plain ordinary?

Do you often sit back at work and wonder how you can stand out, and be seen by your leaders and your colleagues to be different (and not different like you have a special style of fashion that would be called odd), but to be seen almost be to special, and someone to watch because you have potential … ? Do you fear that your work and outputs will be seen as okay, or fine … ?
I spent a large part of my working career thinking and feeling exactly this.  Only to now look back and realise that I was pretty extraordinary because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be where i am today … but how do you get there.
How do you up your game to be the extraordinary, special, successful person that everyone wants working with them?
I have been lucky enough to work in environment where mediocrity is not exactly smiled upon … to the point that ok and fine are words people absolutely hate to hear. And because of this, I grew up in my career to pretty much not tolerate ordinary, to not accept just the basic essentials could be done as the task … I grew up in a work place where extraordinary & outstanding was all that was accepted.
Now some people find this very hard to be comfortable in and with, but I found that the extra push, the ‘don’t accept that Joy’ really helped me to stand out as an individual, and it made me in to the leader I am today.
Now don’t get me wrong, it was terrifying … and if I am honest, I know that a large part of it was because every time I heard those words …
~ ‘go back Joy and ask’, or
~ ‘don’t accept that Joy, go and speak to them again and get what we want’, or just simply
~ ‘that is not going to fly Joy, you need to get them to change/buy in to what we need’
I was to scared to go back with it not done that I had to push myself, I had to step up and I had to go the extra mile.
I had to put my best shoe forward and get the extraordinary out … and the extraordinary was not only my actual ‘amazing’ shoes I was wearing 🙂 it was about putting me, Joy, forward, in my great shoes … and standing out to get what I needed to get done, done.
I still love my shoes, and I have many pairs, and I strategically pick which one’s I wear on each day.  I always know my diary for the coming day, in detail, and I know what is or will be required of me that day, and based on that I pick my best shoe to put forward.
And this is the lesson for you, you have to know what is required of you, and what will make you stand out in that situation … it takes work, and it takes planning, and strategising … you cannot expect to be extraordinary with mediocre shoes. 
What shoes are you going to put on today to make you absolutely extraordinary … and what shoes are you aiming for.
For me, I like to visualise my next achievement, my next extraordinary level as a new pair of shoes …
These are my ultimate pair, my new aim, my absolute and important want … they are the shoes I am working towards … a pair of Valentino Rockstud Ankle Strap’s
They are my next extraordinary level ~ I have a lot of work to do to get “there” and when I do, I will get these beauties. And if I am lucky I will get them in nude and black #mynextlevel #mydream #iknowiwillachieve #hardwork #bestshoeforward
If you know that next level you want to achieve, share this on your social media feeds as a commitment to yourself, be brave and put it out there … and add your shoe you working towards.
And if you know someone who you think needs to set their next level and pick their incredible shoe, send this link on them now.
How do you become extraordinary … and then successful … ?
  • Never just do what is required, always think more than the task at hand … how can you improve it, and then go there with your solution, or deliverable
  • Always anticipate the next step, and think that through so you have a solution for that (already)
  • Take the time to think it all through properly, don’t just do and react, and get it done … think and plan and strategise
  • Anticipate what could go wrong, or what people will say … so you are prepared with all the answers and solutions
  • Always try to improve you … work on your weaknesses, learn new skills, try new things – this is how successful people get ahead of the others
  • And last, but definitely not least, in fact the most important point is being successful and extraordinary is a choice .. YOUR choice. If you want it, get to work … it doesn’t happen by luck, or a magical unicorn (unfortunately) …
It is all about YOU, and how you show up for you!

And just incase you still wondering, I even have my next level set out – and here they are .. they are high and tall, just like my next goal *winkwink*
The Tieland Boots from Stuart Weitzman
Now go and set some shoe goals, and seriously decide how you will get there …
Its all about committing to you to go for it …
I look forward to hearing about them, so if you like please share in the comments below.

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