Do you want to unleash your beast at work?

Are you always being told that you have potential, and secretly you admit to yourself that you know you do! You know you have this beast inside you, and you know it will take you places in your career, places that you have been dreaming of … but how do you unleash this “work-beast”?
If you are anything like me, when I was young and trying very hard to be noticed, you would think about this almost all the time.
How do I unleash my potential?
How can I be the BEST?
When I started out in advertising, all I want was to be the “star of the show” …
I wanted to be the one everyone was talking about as the best Account Management person they had worked with.
I wanted to be the one my Clients called, instead of my boss, because I could handle it.
I wanted to be the one the big bosses asked to help them on a new project, or Client.
I wanted to be the best ~ but how could I stand out?
We know deep down inside what we need to do, we have to go the extra mile.
Now when I started out I was obviously very young, so I had no other serious commitments in my life, other than a boyfriend who actually was pretty demanding now that I think back … if I didn’t answer my phone or worked late he was convinced I was doing something I shouldn’t … needless to say that didn’t last haha! Back to what I was saying, I was young, and pretty free so I could put in the extra hours because a large part of success is exactly that, especially when you starting out or starting a new job. I had to come in early on some days, and work late on some other days, put in a few extra hours on the weekend … but that was when I was building my experience, and if that is where you are at in your career that is what is required.
It is time to learn, to do the extra, to do it perfectly.
Now that I am older, with a fair amount of experience *winkwink* … the extra comes from a few different places:
The first one is still very much around time, and being efficient with my time. Working hard and smart, so I don’t need to take all the hours out of that work life balance we all like to talk about so much.
But the next few are actually around a far more valuable space that you can hold, and again, you need to do some work at it. And again I say to you (and for those of you who read my blog often or watch my YouTube videos will know this, because I sound like a stuck record) …
IF YOU REALLY WANT IT … you will make the space, the time, the whatever it takes to get it!
It is all about how badly you want to stand out and unleash the beast.
It all comes down to earning your spot at the table (people who have worked with me have also heard me say this to death).  When you walk in to a boardroom for a meeting with anyone (could be with peers, could be with management of your company, could be with Clients, doesn’t matter who it is with) and the room is full – you can already see there are more people than chairs around the table ~ you want everyone there to offer you a seat at the table. Because you have earned it … your opinion counts, you view matters, your presence is required.
This is what you have to aim for.
So how can you earn your seat at the table?
Your aim should be to know more than any other person in the room on the topic or discussion at hand. This is not always going to be practical, but this is what you have to aim for …
You have to over prepare for everything, and anything you do. You have research it all, you have to have questions, you have to have a view, an informed one. And it may be different to the other informed people in the room, but have a view that is informed and backed up by what you have found. That way it can never be wrong, it just may be different.
So when you working through your daily grind, you need to make sure you work smart, so you can create extra time for this work, because you will not (unfortunately) get it via osmosis … you have to put in the extra, and do what the other 99% will not do.
That is how you stand out,
That is how to unleash your beast,
That is how everyone will get to see your potential.
Let me know how you have unleashed your beast in the comments below, because we can all learn some extra tit bits from each other.
Let’s all be that 1%!
Lots of love

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