The thought of having to give up everything … finally clicked for me

Have you ever been faced with let’s call it “a situation” when there were two options for you to choose from?
One was you choose YOU …  if you do, you would lose everything and I mean everything that is important to you (whatever that may be to you, a loved one, a career, a friend, a house…).
And the alternative was that you do not choose you, you get to keep the status quo in your life, but you will have to make some serious sacrifices to you about who you are?
That happened to me recently …
It finally clicked for me … what it means to choose yourself first
Not so long ago something happened and I was faced with this exact choice.
Do I risk saying “this is who I am, and I ain’t changing for anyone” and whatever circumstances come with saying this, I will have to deal with, but I must know that they will be life changing for me, literally life changing.
Or, do I choose to keep the peace, and not fight for Joy … just accept that sometimes life is not always about exactly what you want or planned, and over time you will get used to the fact that this is the way, and me and who I am will need to wait for another time.
It’s a big decision right.
And it’s really quiet strange because this is what I have been telling everyone, all the time ~
~ Be you
~ Find you
~ Own you
~ Love you
~ Put you first
And here I was, sitting on the steps in my garden, in the bright sunshine contemplating not doing this.
And it clicked!
This is everything I have been working on for me. It was as if the universe had been seriously patient with me, as I played with the idea of always putting you first, and believing in you and doing what makes you happy. I have to be honest and say that I do this to a large extent already (doing what makes me happy), but now I was faced with the decision to continue all the work I had been doing, and standing up for JOY, in the most serious and meaningful way ever, and the universe was going … “so, now what you going to do Joy, how serious are you about all this?”.
It clicked, it clicked so loud that it was as if a whole choir had clicked their fingers in unison on the magnificent lite up stage of life.
It wasn’t even a question anymore … it was actually so simple.
So I did, I stood up and I did it.
I put Joy first, and for the first time I put Joy first for the exact right, and powerful reasons.
And suddenly I was smiling, not like a weight had been on my shoulders as I had felt before. I felt free and light.
I know that this makes so many of us uncomfortable, to BE YOU … and I know it is mostly because we are terrified as to how we will be judged by others, this is the real reason we are sometimes NOT ourselves, or we keep quiet, or we choose to stay in the background, or we bite our tongue, or we accept something we don’t really buy in to, or we agree with someone’s view that we don’t like, even completely disagree with …
But when you start to BE YOU, really be you … you will be surprised at how empowered you feel and how many people admire you. 
I know I admire people who are whole heartedly themselves, even I don’t actually like who they are, I still respect that they are honest with themselves. And I often look at them wishing I was more like them … so this time I did it, for ME, and I am so glad that I did.
It all comes back to knowing your why, and owning it with all your heart and all your soul. 
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I hope you all enjoy BEING YOU today, and tomorrow, and forever

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