I looked up & realised I had lost my way …

Has time ever gone by you and without you realising you had actually lost your way. And one day something happens and you look up and you think “how did I get here?”.  You realise that time just went by, and because you became lazy, and stopped making the goals and dreams you set out for yourself front and centre, they are no longer even near the top of your list, never mind one of the top.
I got lazy about something that is pretty important to me and the next thing I knew I wasn’t where I wanted to be, not even close.
Just before I got married I decided that I wasn’t entirely happy with how my body looked, and I took some serious steps to get me in to a place that made me happy. Now before you all start rolling your eyes about woman and weight issues … there was no pressure to loss weight, or tone down for a wedding dress, none what so ever! In fact it was actually about me wanting to look a certain way for me.
I had a desire to be something and I wanted to do it and get to that place, for me.
I put everything in to it and I achieved more than I had expected … in total I lost 11kgs. I was so happy, for so many reasons. And I managed to keep it off for a long time. But then 2 years and 3 months had gone by and I got dressed for work on Friday and I just felt horrible all day, and I couldn’t work it out.
So on Sunday I weighed myself and I nearly feel off the scale.
How did I get here?
Well … time had passed, and some of the very key circumstances around me achieving my goal and then maintaining that goal had changed, and mostly because I got lazy, and let it slip on this day, and then I let it slip on 3 days in a row, and so it went on until I woke up to the ugly realisation on Sunday standing on my scale.
Before you all think I am writing this beating myself up about it … I am not, not at all. What I do know (hand on my heart) is that I have had a lot going on in my life, and a lot of good things, and other goals I have been working very hard to achieve, so I am not cross with myself or putting the new goals aside … I know that deep down inside I let it slip … all me, I just let it slip, and i want to get it back on track, seriously.
Does this ever happen to you?
Do you want to get back on track with me?
What I did was I literally made a number of changes to my life that very day!
I cancelled some things, changes some other things, and called my personal trainer who I know held me on check and helped me to stay focused and determined. That very day I started to eat according to the plan I know works for me that my trainer had given me on day one. And I refocused on a goal that is important to me.  I won’t be doing or focusing on other work less, but I am refocused on something that I know makes me happy, from the inside, not because of other opinions.
Now if you want to get back on track with whatever that one things that has slipped in your life, you need to sit down and work out a few things:
~~ What did you used to do in life when you were on track?
~~ What do you do know that is different and needs to change?
~~ And then, quite simpler, change!
And I know that IF, and I say IF because this is the real crux of it all … IF you want it bad enough, you will make the changes you need to in order to get there … without even questioning the current status quo.
That is what I did … and I am already happier!
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Or pass to on to a friend who you think is in the same boat as me, or you, or both of us …
I love you all lots, and cannot wait to share my progress – don’t let what is important to you, slip out of your hands.

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