I think it’s time we broke up …

Do you ever get to a point in your life where you know the best thing for you (in a specific situation) is for you to walk away from someone. To trust the nagging feeling deep down in your gut that says you need to close this chapter, or even this book, and move on … to sweeter chapters and books that make more sense to you, one’s you know you will enjoy reading more because it just suits you better?
Is it time to move on from someone, and find the next someone?
Recently I embarked on a new project for myself, something quiet significant and therefore pretty important to me. I needed to a little help, and one thing I have learnt in my life is you need to become resourceful … you need to ask for help where you need it (because we cannot know everything *winkwink*).  And along the way (actually probably from day 1) something has been nagging at me, and nagging, and nagging … make a change, don’t go this way, it doesn’t suit who you are and your style.
Make a change.
And it’s funny how that thing called intuition works, it keeps showing you signs … it too, kept nagging at me, and nagging, and nagging … until you realise that you do need to make that change. I am not scared of change, not at all … in fact when I make a decision, and I need to make changes I do it almost immediately, I just start and go for it.  But for some reason I have taken my time on this one. I have been trying to convince myself that it is okay.
“Just because it’s not your style doesn’t mean it cannot work Joy, just hang on a little and see if it sorts itself out. Just be patient, and give it a moment or two.” says the little voice inside my head.
But it’s not my style. It is not how I am made, or operate, and it is freaking every bone, cell and artery in my body out.
I spoke to a friend of mine about it, because it was bothering me so badly, and she literally looked me straight up, and without a moment of hesitation, she said “this is not you Joy, move on“.
So today I made a change, in my head, I decided … it’s done. And I move on.
When something doesn’t work for us
When something doesn’t make sense to who we are
When something doesn’t feel right down to the very core of you
Listen to your gut
I cannot say it anymore simple or detailed as that … do not do what is not you!
If this has made some sense to you, perhaps this blog post from a while back is something you might like to read or share with your friends.
I hope this has touched a little something in you, and made you rethink something that is nagging at you.
Drop me a comment below if you want to share it.
Here’s to doing what makes sense to me, forever and always

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